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CatChat2x Upgrades Campus Wireless Network

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Georgia State University wireless network, CatChat, recently received a major upgrade and expansion with CatChat2x. Consequently, the entire library’s wireless network availability and capacity has increased significantly!

The upgrade project is an ongoing, comprehensive endeavor to provide the campus community with improved and reliable connectivity to the GSU network using wireless computing devices. The overall goal of the project was to deploy wireless technology in order to provide access for users in all campus buildings, and to some outdoor spaces. Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) is currently in the final completion phase of the project to increase the number of access points in eleven campus buildings by an average of over 400 percent.

CatChat2x is the next generation in wireless at Georgia State, using the secure wireless standard 802.1x, and utilizing 802.11n wireless technology for increased speed and coverage. The technology allows users to configure their devices to repeatedly access the wireless network after signing in a single time, without being prompted to sign in again until their password changes.

A campus technology survey last fall showed that an improvement in wireless capacity and coverage was needed.

The upgrade project, funded by Student Technology Fees, is based on the “students first” principle (provide service as quickly as possible to as many students as possible). The project addressed demands of the growing mobile user base by implementing the most current wireless technology and taking advantage of the wide range of its potential capability to include increased speed and reliability. The project fully supports the university’s strategic plan by improving the delivery of academic programs.

This upgrade project also attempts to satisfy two needs of the campus community.

  1. To provide wireless network coverage to most places on campus for general network uses such as e-mail, web browsing, etc.
  2. For students and faculty to utilize wireless networking in the classroom for instructional purposes.

As the project continues, it is providing the university with modernized computing capabilities in an ever-expanding campus. 

Current CatChat wireless connections will continue. Students, faculty and staff now have more places on campus to connect wirelessly and will have the benefit of selecting CatChat2x for easier sign on.