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“So You Think You Can Write?” Writing Workshop Thursday October 13th at 1:30, Troy Moore Library

Continuing its’ workshop series, the Writing Studio offers Georgia State University students another opportunity to improve their writing. Thursday October 13th the workshop, “So You Think You Can Write? Tone, Voice, and Audience in Academic Writing” will be taught by Writing Studio tutors Sarah Dyne and Lelania Ottoboni who will discuss the central rhetorical issues faced by new college students with the focus on tone, voice, and audience. The workshop, held in the Troy Moore Library on the 9th floor of the General Classroom Building, is free and open to all majors.

Want to know more about writing? The library has these books available: Find your voice: a methodology for enhancing literacy through re-writing and re-acting by Gail Noppe-Brandon; Journal keeping: how to use reflective writing…. by Dannelle D. Stevens and Joanne E. Cooper; and Shimmering literacies: popular culture & reading & writing online by Bronwyn T. Williams.

Here’s a recap of the workshop information: The Writing Studio presents “So You Think You can Write? Tone, Voice, and Audience in Academic Writing”, taught by Sarah Dyne and Lelania Ottoboni, Thursday October 13th at 1:30 in the Troy Moore Library, 9th floor General Classroom Building.