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ResearchGATE: Social Networking for Scholars and Scientists

ResearchGATE ( ) is a free of charge, online research platform (meta-data of about 35 million articles and publications as well as tens of thousand of Full texts) that aims to connect scientists, researchers, and scholars worldwide.

ResearchGATE provides:

  • Social networking platform for your research, your expertise, your contacts (i.e., present yourself and your work, grow your contacts and connect with a global scientific community, form groups, upload papers)
  • A place to get answers (i.e., discuss your work and methodology, help others and find solutions)
  • Millions of publications at your fingertips
  • What, when, and where (e.g., conferences, JOBS)

“ResearchGate was built for scientists, by scientists, with the idea that science can do more when it’s driven by collaboration.”