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Detecting Bias in the News

How many of you have heard or seen a news story today? The news is an invaluable information resource in our culture, but it can also be used to deliver misinformation, either accidentally or intentionally. Learning to critically interpret, analyze, and synthesize scholarly sources is a vital part of your college education, but applying those same skills to every day information sources, like newspapers and news stations, is equally important. These recently-published sources can help you to hone your critical thinking skills as a news consumer.

Interpreting Television News by Gabi Schaap
Schaap’s book offers a series of research studies and a thorough literature review on the topic of television news interpretation. She also includes a discussion of the potential future.

News as Entertainment: The Rise of Global Infotainment by Daya Kishan Thussu
This scholarly work focuses on the rise of news as a source of entertainment, and the implications on the “dilution” of news quality.

News Bias Explored: The Art of Reading the News by the University of Michigan
This website offers an easily digestible but thorough series of lessons on interpreting print and image-based news sources and reporting styles. Mini-lessons on word choice, omissions, image selection, story framing, and other relevant issues are included.