Photo of the Week: Unidentified Street Scene, Albany, GA, 1950

Unidentified street scene, Albany, GA 1950

Can you confirm the location of this unidentified Albany, Georgia street scene which was photographed in 1950?  Click on the image to zoom in.

Online photo sleuthing is one way archivists and other information seekers benefit from collaborative intelligence facilitated by Web 2.0 social software.   Additional information can be found in Joshua M. Avery’s The Democratization of Metadata:  Collective Tagging, Folksonomies and Web 2.0.

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14 Responses to Photo of the Week: Unidentified Street Scene, Albany, GA, 1950

  1. Sam Myrick says:

    Given that the backside of the Albany Housefurnishing Company can be seen in the right-hand side of the photo, this is likely on Broad Street.

  2. Sam Myrick says:

    Correction: This is looking down West Broad Avenue towards the Albany Housefurnishing Company (upper right hand corner).

  3. Peter J. Roberts says:

    Thank you Sam for your information. Please let me know the name of the cross street near where this photo was taken.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    The cross street should be N. Jackson St. The photo is of W. Broad Street, looking east into Downtown Albany, GA. The building in the top, left corner is the Davis-Exchange Bank, completed in the early 1900’s.

  5. Wouldn’t that be Washington St? You’re looking westward I believe.

  6. The photograph was taken looking east down the 200 block of Broad Avenue. The cross Street is Jackson Street and Broad Avenue.

  7. Jim Arrowood says:

    This picture is shot from the south west corner of Jackson and Broad, facing east down broad ave.The Albany House Furnishing sign seen is on the west side of the building not the back. The tall building in the back, left side is old C&S Bank and the sign on the Claire theater, mid block, left, is also visible. 200 block of Broad ave from west to east.

  8. Brenda Wintersole says:

    This is looking down broad street. The Claire theatre is on the left. If you continue past the Claire, going east, Washington is the next street.

  9. Brenda Wintersole says:

    I forgot, the cross street is Jackson. This would be the intersection of Jackson and Broad, looking East toward the Flint River.

  10. David T. Chatman says:

    This photo was taken from the SouthWest corner of Broad Ave. & Jackson St. looking East.
    That is a milk truck at the intersection headed West, a City of Albany Transit bus about half-way down the street pulling out from the North curb near the Clair Theater. Judging from the amount of early ’40’s auto’s I would date this photo in the early 1940’s just prior to WWII. If I can get this photo to “save” I will re=print and ask someone for more info.

  11. Bill Slugg says:

    I referenced the 1950 Albany City Directory and found the two businesses easily seen in this photo.
    The Clair Theater was at 231 Broad
    Gene’s Frosty Freezer was at 241 Broad

    Thus, the photographer was standing on the SW corner of Jackson and Broad looking towards the east. The photo contains most of the north side of Broad between Washington and Jackson.

  12. Shirley Lorig Geer says:

    That is Broad, looking East. You can see the old Clair(e) Theatre on the left. The cross street near where the picture is taken is Jackson Street. The one at the other end of the block is Washington.

  13. Nancy Spanfelner says:

    This is a view of Broad Ave, looking East toward the Flint River.The photo was taken on N. Jackson cross St. The Cross Street on up Broad is N. Washington. St. Stores on the left (or north) side of Broad include Clair Theater, Mayfair Jewelry and Carolyns.

  14. Nancy Laramore Spanfelner says:

    This is Broad Ave looking East toward Flint River. Taken from Cross Street N. Jackson.
    Among the stores on the left or (north side) are Clair Theater, Mayfair Jewelry and Carolyns. The Cross street at Carolyns is N. Washington.