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Have a Voice in the Future of the Federal Depository Library Program

Do you use United States government information?  Do you value the many FDLP Logoresources available to you through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP)?  Are you interested in helping to guide the direction of the program?  If so, please take a few minutes to complete this 16 question survey about the FDLP.  The results of the survey will help program administrators assess the value of the FDLP.

Depository library members have been providing citizens with free access to government information since the early 1800s.  The Georgia State University Library has been a member of the FDLP since 1970.  If you’re not quite sure what the FDLP is, you can read about the program here.  For information about the many resources available through the FDLP, see our Government Information Research Guide.