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Finals Stress Management

As finals time approaches, most students will find themselves frantically studying, writing, and stressing. Finals might seem like an unreasonable time for additional reading, but just a few minutes can help you to learn new coping mechanisms and study techniques, improve your focus, maximize your time, and ultimately help your grades.

The Stress-free GuiStressingde to Studying at University: A Student’s Guide Towards a Better Life
by Gordon Rugg
This resource specifically targets college students, and it describes how effective studying and ti
me management can lead to better mental health and general happiness.

How to Study Resources

Includes quick guides, quizzes, and tutorials on making, managing, and evaluating schedules and managing time. Also includes a host of links to related resources.

Managing Stress: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges
by Harvard Business School
While the focus of this book is on workplace stress, it provides a well-organized general guide to overload,
stress assessment, “taking charge,” and “tips and tools.”

50 Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress
by Sara M. Rosenthal (electronic book)
This book includes informati
on on assessing workload, modifying workload, and physical and medicinal healing/stress relief. Its structure makes it particularly easy to skim easily and quickly.