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Introducing a recommendation service for scholarly articles

The Library recently licensed the bX Recommender service from Ex Libris.

What is it?
Have you shopped online recently? If so, you’re probably familiar with the “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” feature offered by many commercial sites.

The bX Recommender service is similar.  It offers recommendations for scholarly articles based on what others with your interests have looked at.  The service is based on the research of Johan Bollen and Herbert Van der Sompel;  for background information on how it works, see their paper, “An Architecture for the Aggregation and Analysis of Scholarly Usage Data.”

How can I use it?
Recommendations for scholarly articles are currently displayed in the Find it menu under the heading “Users interested in this article also expressed an interest in the following.”

bX service on Find it menu

What do you think?
The bX Recommender service is currently in beta.  Please take a moment to share your opinion with us.