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Internet Resource Spotlight-Citation Analysis

Publish or Perish is a great site for pulling data on times cited and other information designed to show evidence of your scholarly impact–ideal for promotion or tenure review. It is a free download and available for individual, non-profit use. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux, and the software works best with Firefox Mozilla or Opera.

Data is extracted from Google Scholar, and searches can be conducted by author or title. Results will show a list of articles by the author with the number of article cites along with various calculations such as Impact Factor, Eigenfactor, and averages such as average number of citations per year. Double clicking on the article will show those articles. The data can be copied into Excel or Access, as well as Word. Because it draws from Google Scholar, it may or may not have all of your work included. If this is the case you may want to consult the subscription databases available through the library which contain times cited information.