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Park Your Car In A Good Book

Downtown Kansas City Library Garage, Kansas City, Missouri

New 152,864 SF, 485-car garage adjacent to the recently renovated downtown Kansas City library. An exterior treatment creates the illusion of a row of books, paying homage to great literary contributors of our time while adding whimsy to the cityscape (Construction firm website here) (Other views here.) (Non-English website containing multiple views.)

“Unique features: 2005 Bronze IDEA award winner for IDSA; 2005 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Best Parking Structure; Glass elevator; One-of-a-kind graphics system for bookend replication; Precast stairs designed to look like books laying on their sides; Unique/customized brick patterns; Artistic banner system; Unique handrail system; Balconies for library users to read with future Internet Cafe possibilities.”–J.E. Dunn Construction Group

Architects: 360 Architecture