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Did you know the GSU Library has many print and electronic resources that are not freely available through Google? I was frankly scandalized recently by a faculty member who told graduate teaching assistants that their students could find much of what they needed through Google. OK, it is more convenient I admit.  However, when you search Google you may be missing a lot. Case in point: I recently helped a faculty member doing research on a subject that involved works in economics written before 1800. I was able to find three books through Google Books which was good. However I searched GIL and found a book in our collection that pointed to many more authors in this subject area. We were then able to use the library’s full text databases for 18th century works to find many more books that are not available through Google. So why limit yourself? If you want help researching a subject, let me know. It may be more work to use library resources, but the results are worth it.  For more information about GSU Library resources go to or contact me at .