Construction update LN 3, 4, and 5

Library North 3 is now open, featuring ample new lounge, table, and carrel seating, as well as new group study rooms.  General Collection books HA30 – KDK are also now on LN3. 
Bound periodicals on LN3 remain inaccessible.  We expect to be able to resume staff retrievals of bound periodicals from LN3 in mid-June, and for the area to reopen to the public around the beginning of July.
Library North 4 and 5 will be partitioned in the next few days and construction will begin on the east side of those floors.  The compact shelving on the west side of the floors, containing General Collection books, will be open during most of the construction.

In a few weeks the new window on Library North 1 will open, offering a “Grand Vista” onto Decatur Street!

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