Online Resources and Services Will be Unavailable Due to Library North Network Outage: Wed – 6pm (read more)

On Wednesday July 26th at approximately 6pm, IS&T will begin converting the Library North building to new network equipment. This conversion is necessary as part of a campus-wide upgrade and will also facilitate the future installation of a VOIP telephone network.

What does this mean for Library North occupants when the upgrade occurs?

When the upgrade begins on July 26th, all network connectivity will be lost. This will include any staff users on LN1 – LN5  and any student users on the Library North wireless network or the student computers on LN1 – LN3.  Signs will be posted to alert students that wireless will be unavailable and the PCs on LN1 – LN3 will be unavailable.  In addition, an alert will be posted on the website prior to the outage so hopefully folks who use the website regularly will be aware of it.

Because the Library servers are located in Library North some additional services that were not affected during the Library South upgrade will be down this time.  Affected services include the following:

– Proxy server:  This means that remote access to library databases and ejournals will be down except for those resources available on GALILEO

– webserver:    The main library website will be down.

– ILLiad

– Visitor PCs

– PC Reservation system

General internet access in Library South will not be affected; however, users in LS need to be aware that the library website, staff printing and access to network drives will not be available due to the server outage.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this outage.  If all goes well, IS&T tells us the outage should be approximately 4 hours so hopefully folks working that night will be back online shortly after 10pm.  Additionally, we are told that the servers should be back up closer to 8pm.  Although this won’t help in-house users in Library North, it should allow remote users to access our online resources.

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