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Using Windows Live Academic? Let Find It @ GSU help you locate what you've discovered!

Links to Find It @ GSU (SFX) now show up in Windows Live Academic search results, directing GSU users from citations in Windows Live Academic to full-text available from the University Library, as well as to other library services.

You will see a “Find It @ GSU” link below citations in Academic. To determine whether GSU provides access to an item for which you have found a citation in Academic, click the “Find It @ GSU” link.


These links will direct you to the “Find It @ GSU” menu, which will provide you with options for accessing the item you are looking for.

If you are coming to Windows Live Academic from within the GSU network (anywhere on campus, or if you have already signed in through the University Library’s proxy server), these links will automatically show up in Windows Live Academic search results.

More information on how to do this and tips for using Windows Live Academic at GSU can be found here.

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