UPDATE: Access Problems: Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

There is a full fix now in place for users trying to get to the Royal Society of Chemistry journals via SFX (links from the E-Journal Locator, GIL, or other sources).  SFX links should now direct you to the specific journal title you need.

Original Message (5/18/05):

The Royal Society of Chemistry is in the process of upgrading its web site, and in the process has changed the URLs needed for accessing its journals. This has occurred with little notice and is affecting the ability to link to the RSC journals from the E-Journal Locator, GIL, and other sources. The needed adjustments should be made over the next couple of weeks.

Until then, please be aware that these journals may be inaccessible via SFX links from the E-Journal Locator, GIL, etc. If you are in need of one of the RSC titles, please visit the RSC Journals main page, where you can browse to the the title you need.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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