Exhibit Documents Women's Movement in Georgia

Explore the struggle for women’s rights in Georgia when you visit the library’s latest exhibit, Hear Me Roar: The Georgia Women’s Movement Oral History Project. On display in Library South 8, the exhibit features oral history excerpts, historical documents and artifacts from the library’s Women’s Collections, and pays tribute to the women who had the strength and courage to fight for women’s rights.

Hear Me Roar also celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the Georgia Women’s Movement Oral History Project. The project began in 1995 as a joint endeavor of the library’s Special Collections Department and the then-newly created Women’s Studies Institute. Oral histories collected through the project describe participants involvement with the Women’s Movement and with efforts to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in Georgia.

The exhibit is on display through March, 2006, and was curated by by Morna Gerrard and Trish Bogdan of Special Collections.

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