PiranhaWeb is now available to 10 simultaneous users via the web on the GSU campus.  This resource replaces Compact Disclosure and Worldscope which we have been getting on CD-ROM.  PiranhaWeb includes coverage of the SEC database, Worldscope, Extel, IDC Pricing, as well as the real time news, and delayed stock quotes.  PiranhaWeb links to Primark’s Global Access, the online research tool offering a vast repository of financial information on US and international companies, allowing users access to over 5 million online, real-time documents: historical filings, annual reports, research reports, articles online and more.

Updated daily. This resource is accessible from our Research Databases page or directly through the following URL:http://www.primark.com/dga_logon/search.cgi?parm1=georgiastbasic

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