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Announcing Research in the Raw: Ruth Stanford


Science generally entails methodical investigation of a subject or phenomenon outside the self. The earth’s layers of soil and stone tell a story of past physical process; the fossil record tells of lives once lived. The history of the earth, the universe, or the human race can be meticulously reconstructed through objective scientific investigation. My work is an attempt to invert the process of science, to encourage the viewer to self-examination, to explore a realm where individual truths deposit layer by layer. I want to compel the viewer to navigate the fault lines of human interaction, to seek out and explore places where things shift, places where truth comes into question – Ruth Stanford

Sculptor Ruth Stanford began her career studying butterfly courtship behavior and protecting cave-dwelling beetles and other invertebrates as an endangered species ecologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Central Texas. With a scientist’s curiosity and keen observation skills, she now specializes in installation and site-specific sculpture, choosing particular media in service to concept.

The University Library is excited to announce Ruth Stanford, Associate Professor of Sculpture, practicing artist, and recipient of the Provost’s Study in a Second Discipline Fellowship as this fall’s first Research in the Raw speaker.

Research in the Raw is a series of informal talks in which GSU faculty members share work-in-progress.  The series is brought to you by the Library’s Department of Research & Engagement.

On September 25th, Ruth will describe her recent study trip to Africa, show preliminary work created during her travels, and discuss her plans for an upcoming body of work that incorporates this research.

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018
Colloquium Room, 8th Floor Library South
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More about Ruth and her work can be found on her website: