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Web of Science and Google Scholar Combine Forces to Maximize Research

Web of Science, a Thomson-Reuters database, is now connected to Google Scholar–and vice versa.

Here’s how: In Web of Science, the full record of the citation includes a link to Google Scholar.   This is useful to view Google Scholar counts of times cited articles in    addition to the Web of Science counts for those preparing for promotion & tenure reviews, or researching an article’s impact.  It also offers the potential to access freely available content from a variety of sources.     Conversely, Google Scholar search results will indicate a link within each citation to the Web of Science database, and also list number of times cited article counts.

This linkage will allow the researcher to instantaneously access Web of Science and Google Scholar, and explore potentially valuable sources that may not have been discoverable by using only one.

For more information and screenshot views of this exciting connection, visit this page.