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OECD’s Better Life Initiative

In 2011, the Organisation for Economic Co-operative Development (OECD) launched its Better Life Initiative to “gauge progress across several factors, including health, civic engagement, the environment and governance (OECD Observer, Jan 27, 2014).” “There is now widespread acknowledgement that measuring subjective well-being is an essential part of measuring quality of life alongside other social and economic dimensions.” As a first step to improving the measures of quality of life, OECD Guidelines for Measuring Subjective Well-Being is a recent publication in this series that aims to “provide advice on the collection and use of measures of subjective well-being. They provide guidance on collecting information on people’s evaluations and experiences of life, as well as on collecting “eudaimonic” measures of psychological well-being. The Guidelines also outline why measures of subjective well-being are relevant for monitoring and policy making, and why national statistical agencies have a critical role to play in enhancing the usefulness of existing measures (from Abstract).”

You can find other publications under the “Better Life Initiative”  by searching the OECDiLibrary, using the keywords: better life.