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Venezuela after Chavez

Colors of Venezuelan flag
photo by Beatrice Murch

On March 5, 2013, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez succumbed to his battle with cancer.  According to a recent article by the Economist Intelligence Unit, “Until his illness made it impossible for him to micro-manage the state, he oversaw almost every important decision taken in the country. The few who dared to challenge him in public were cast out as ‘traitors to the revolution’.”  What happens to the Venezuelan economy after Chavez?  You can follow these developments in these library databases by the Economist Intelligence Unit:

–          Economist Intelligence Unit Country Data – Select Venezuela then continue to get to the Country Data page for Venezuela. Forecast information is available to year 2030.

–          Economist Intelligence Unit Viewswire – Select Venezuela from the drop-down menu and enter.  That retrieves the country page for Venezuela that contains recent news analysis, economic indicators and forecasts for the country.

–          Economist Intelligence Unit Country Commerce – Enter Venezuela in the search box to get featured analysis, forecasts and risk analysis.

To get the historical perspective of Venezuela’s economy and Chavez,  here are a few of the library’s offerings in the print collection:

–          Dragon in the tropics : Hugo Chávez and the political economy of revolution in  Venezuela

–          Oil and development in Venezuela during the 20th century

–          Understanding the Venezuelan revolution : Hugo Chávez talks to Marta Harnecker