GSU Lecturer researching LGBTQ Allies’ Stories

Check out GSU Sociology Lecturer Maura Ryan and fellow researchers’ article describing their narrative analysis of campus LGBTQ allies:

Ryan, M., Broad, K. L., Walsh, C. F., & Nutter, K. L. (2013). Professional allies: The storying of allies to LGBTQ students on a college campus. Journal Of Homosexuality, 60(1), 83-104.


GSU's Ally Group, Safe Zone

This article details the narratives of faculty and staff involved in a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) ally organization at a large southeastern state university, illustrating how interview participants diverged from organizational literature on how to be an ally by offering a different narrative, one of professional responsibility to a diverse student body. The researchers expound upon how this notion of professional responsibility differs from most models for understanding ally development and action, suggesting that from an organizational standpoint, these professional ally self-concepts make sense and should be taken into account when building ally organizations in educational settings. [from abstract]

For more LGBTQ-related research and community resources, also check out the Georgia State University Library’s LGBTQIQA Studies research guide.

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