Accolades for GSU Sociology Professor Deirdre Oakley’s “Social Shutter” Blog

GSU Professor Deirdre Oakley

GSU Professor Deirdre Oakley

In November 2010, GSU Sociology Professor Deirdre Oakley, with doctoral student Angie Luvara, launched Social Shutter, a weekly blog for photo essays “capturing community life through a camera lens.”  Still going strong – with 113 photo essays and 30,500+ visits – Social Shutter was recently featured in a CommonCreativATL article, and Professor Oakley has been invited to speak at the upcoming State Education Editors (SEE) Conference.

Using visual imagery to explore the social – or “visual sociology” – gained momentum in the turbulent 1960s.  Check out these recent studies using visual sociology to explore urban issues:


Also check out these books on visual research methods:


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4 Responses to Accolades for GSU Sociology Professor Deirdre Oakley’s “Social Shutter” Blog

  1. Muriel Vega says:

    Thanks for sharing the CommonCreativ ATL site. A labor of love by two GSU Journalism alumni!

  2. I love the idea and the site. What I like most is the unexpected subject of the next post. It seems you have such a wide variety of topic, you never know what is around the corner. I really love how pictures can tell a story from the eye of the artist. Thanks.

  3. I forgot to ask; what is the application process to become a contributor to Social Shutter? I would love to participate.

  4. Deirdre Oakley says:

    CommonCreativ is such a great project! Had no idea is was founded by two GSU alumni! @Exterior Shutters, if you would like to submit to Social Shutter. Just send an essay (500-1000 words as a word doc) and then the photographs separately as .jpgs. to me at