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GSU Grad Students & Faculty “Represent” at FLOW Conference

FLOWGraduate students and faculty in Georgia State’s Moving Image Studies program posted a major showing at the recent FLOW conference in Austin, Texas. Seven current grad students, three alumnae, and six faculty members presented papers at the conference focused on “crucial issues related to television and media.”

Here is a list of people and their presentation topics. The full conference schedule with links to presentation abstracts is available here.

Graduate Students:

  • Vanessa Ament, “What’s in a Title (Sequence)?: Opening and Closing Sequences in Television”
  • Maria Boyd, “Toddlers, Teen Moms, and Timeouts: The Role of Class in Reality Parenting Programming”
  • Charlotte Howell, “The Mad Men Effect? Original Scripted Series and Cable Network (Re)Branding”
  • Phil Oppenheim, “The Good, the Bad, and the Cult: Television Studies Sensibilities”
  • Ian Peters, “Britannia Rules the Waves? Popular British Programming on American Public Television”
  • Katherine Zakos, “Just Satire?: Minority Television Culture and Post-Racial Ideologies”
  • Jamie Zhao, “Queer Media Studies’ Futures”


  • Casey McCormick (now at McGill), “What’s in a Cult? Paratexts as the Foundation of Cult Television”
  • Karen Petruska (now at Northeastern), “The Underdog Network: The CW and Its Elusive Digital Audience”
  • Danielle Williams (now at Kennesaw), “Reed-ing Between the Lines: The Future of the Black Sitcom”


  • Ted Friedman, “From Page to Screen to Classroom: Teaching Comics Studies”
  • Kathy Fuller-Seeley, “#IHateThisShow!”: Anti-Fandom in the Digital Age”
  • Alisa Perren, “Head in the Cloud: Rethinking Distribution in the Digital Age”
  • Sharon Shahaf, “Other Television Histories”
  • Ethan Tussey, “Connected Viewing”
  • Tonia Edwards, “Television Ratings and Audience Measurement in the Digital Age.”
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