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New book by Dr. Paul A. Alberto

Congratulations to Dr. Paul A. Alberto, Interim Dean of GSU’s College of Education, on his recently published book:

Alberto, P. A., & Troutman, A. C. (2013). Applied behavior analysis for teachers (9th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

“Scholarly and empirically based, this market-leading text gives students what they need to understand to use the principles and practices of applied behavior analysis in the classroom. The content is presented clearly in a friendly, accessible–even fun–manner. The ninth edition uses general education classroom-based examples and practices firmly grounded in research. Content is presented in the order of decision-making by a teacher who has a student exhibiting challenging behavior in class or a student who needs to execute a behavior-change project.

The text covers identifying target behavior, collecting and graphing data, functional assessment, experimental design, arranging antecedents and consequences, and generalizing behavior change. The importance of ethical considerations in using applied behavior analysis in the classroom is now presented at the beginning of the book to highlight the importance of applying principles and practices responsibly. The ninth edition has been thoroughly updated and revised. Included in the revision is a rewritten chapter on decreasing behavior, additional information on using principles and practices with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and increased coverage of positive behavioral support with new coverage of schoolwide prevention and intervention strategies.” [ From  the publisher’s website.]

Also, check out additional online tools for the 7th edition of this book here.

A few related articles are included below:

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