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The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a leader in country research.  Country information is collected and forecasting models are created by a network of Country Analysts and Economists who are monitoring global events.  

Each EIU database focuses on some aspect of country research, for example for economic data there is the database: Country Data; for operating conditions use Country Commerce; and for updates on the latest developments take a look at ViewsWire!  

The University Library provides access to these three essential EIU databases:

Country Data:  Economic indicators are, at their most basic, a statistic that is used to gauge economic health.  The EIU database Country Data is a source for global economic indicators and forecasts for over 150 countries.  The “database contains more than a million individual data points-covering over 280 series and running from 1980 to 2008” (vendor). It is updated monthly.

Country Commerce:  is a portal to commercial laws and business regulations, the content is useful in determining investing and trading conditions.

ViewsWire:  is terrific for event-driven reports. Content includes the latest in worldwide developments.

Consider using these terrific databases for your research!

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