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Christine Stauber, Assistant Professor in the Institute of Public Health, has worked in Central America, Africa and Asia to examine how lack of access to sanitation and clean water affects hygiene and spreads disease.   Her recent publication, “Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of the Plastic BioSand Water Filter in Cambodia” in the journal Environmental Science and Technology relates how use of BioSand water filters leads to lower concentrations of E. coli in drinking water and less diarrheal disease.

If you’re concerned about global health issues, and would like more background information the Library has these books available for checkout.

Further research can be done through the Global Health database.  Global Health is a public health database which covers both the developed and developing world with research articles on international health, biomedical life sciences, public health nutrition, food safety and hygiene, occupational health, toxicology, health services, and maternal/child health.