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Celebrate Open Access Week!

Open Access Logo - Open Lock
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Today kicks off the fifth annual international open access week. This year Georgia State is participating for the first time. Open access is a movement about putting research into the hands of those who fund it. It aims to make research available for free, with unrestricted access, online.  It also has these added advantages:

  • Greater visibility and impact of research
  • Increased opportunity for collaboration
  • Encourages and enables greater innovation
  • Faster than traditional publishing
  • Contributes to education’s mission of advancing knowledge

If you want to know more about open access in general and at GSU, visit our Open Access LibGuide. If you’d like to participate in open access, consider using an open access resource for your next research project; check out open access journals for your discipline in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). When preparing your next article for publication, you can also consider submitting to an open access journal or self-archiving a copy of your work in an open access repository like the Digital Archive @ Georgia State University, our very own open access institutional repository.

Open access shares research farther and faster.  Find out more during this week’s Open Access Week activities or online.