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Historical Medical Texts: Online and in Print @ GSU

Hanaoka Seishu’s Surgical Casebook

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) features several books from its historical collection in the online exhibit, Turning The Pages, which allows viewers to virtually flip through the books.

“Among the most beautiful and sought after objects of antiquity are the books and manuscripts created hundreds of years ago, and carefully preserved in libraries. Unfortunately for library patrons, these are not always made accessible, for the simple reason that everyday use will surely harm these precious items: the evidence of humanity’s search for knowledge.”    ~NLM

The Georgia State University Library has several of these books in its collections, though these are later printings that you may look through without fear of damaging the original!  Flip through the pages online; then come browse the books in person.

Vesalius, De Humani Corporis Fabrica, Dissection



On the fabric of the human body, by Andreas Vesalius
QM101 .V4713 1998
Library South 4












Hooke, Micrographia, Flea


Micrographia, by Robert Hooke
QH271 .H79 1665a
Library South 4







Paré, Oeuvres, Conjoined Twins




Oeuvres, by Ambroise Paré
R128.6 .P35 1970
Library North 3









Johannes de Ketham, Fasiculo de Medicina, Dissection




Fasiculo de Medicina, by Joannes de Ketham
Fol. R128.6 .K4 1975
Library South 5