How Well Do You Know Your Presidents?

President’s Day falls on February 21st this year. Traditionally, this day celebrates the February birthdates of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The GSU Library has several new books about Washington and Lincoln, respectively, including:

and, to learn more about Abraham Lincoln:

But how much do you know about the less-celebrated presidents? The James K. Polks, the Grover Clevelands? The journal Presidential Studies Quarterly, available through the GSU Library, offers scholarly discussions of U.S. presidents in history, including, but also going beyond the big names to explore the full range of presidential history.

Sheet music, "Here's a Health to Grover Cleveland"

"Here's a health to Grover Cleveland," NewYork: Fisher, J., 1884. Library of Congress, American Memory Collection: Music for a nation: American sheet music, 1870-1885

We also have a range of books that delve deeper into the historical campaigns, careers, and achievements of U.S. presidents. See for example:

For more information about your favorite—or not so favorite—Presidents, check out our U. S. Presidential Research research guide, or search in GIL or GIL-Find, or one of our History or Political Science databases.

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