Photo of the Week: Unidentified Street Scene, Atlanta, 1946

Unidentified street scene, Atlanta, GA, 1946

Can you confirm the location of this unidentified Atlanta street scene which was photographed in 1946?  The building on the left is a Sherwin Williams Paint Company store and therefore it could be Gordon Street.

Online photo sleuthing is one way archivists and other information seekers benefit from collaborative intelligence facilitated by Web 2.0 social software.   Additional information can be found in Joshua M. Avery’s The Democratization of Metadata:  Collective Tagging, Folksonomies and Web 2.0.

To participate in the Photo of the Week forum, please offer a critique of the photograph — its significance, historical value, and importance to you.

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4 Responses to Photo of the Week: Unidentified Street Scene, Atlanta, 1946

  1. La Loria says:

    This looks like the buildings/street that runs parallel to Main Street. If you’re traveling south on MARTA going from West End station to Oakland City, this will be on the left.

  2. Tim says:

    This also looks similar to a stretch of Whitehall St. in the Westend

  3. MDH says:

    Kind of looks like West Marietta St and Jones Ave. by the Hastings Seed building.

  4. Peter J. Roberts says:

    Thanks La Loria,

    From your observation we can confirm that the photo shows Lee Street looking south near Sylvan Road. I’ve updated the photo database.