“Life as a Feminist in Georgia: A Personal Recollection” Now Available Online

Published to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the Women’s Collection, Margaret Miller Curtis’ Life as a Feminist in Georgia: A Personal Recollection describes the author’s burgeoning feminism, her experiences during the fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Georgia, and the efforts of local feminists and academics to establish the Georgia Women’s Movement Project, which evolved into the Women’s Collection in the GSU Library’s Special Collections and Archives. The book is now available in electronic format. View the descriptive record, where you can find a link to the book.

Born in Florida in 1935, Margaret Miller Curtis earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Florida State University and taught elementary school in Florida and Ohio. In 1973 she moved to Georgia and became active in the women’s movement, expressing her Christian faith in her activism for women’s rights. A writer, speaker, lobbyist and fund-raiser for a number of organizations, she was chair of the Speaker’s Bureau for ERA Georgia, Inc. (1979-1980), president of People of Faith for the ERA in Georgia (1980-1982), and on the board of directors for the Council on Battered Women (1975, 1986-88). Curtis “specialized” in newspaper publicity and letter writing and over 500 of her letters to the editor have been published, including many she authored for others. These letters, which she continues to write, have addressed the ERA and other women’s issues.

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