Photo of the Week: Unidentified Intersection, Atlanta, 1966

Unidentified intersection, Atlanta, GA, 1966

Can you name this unidentified Atlanta intersection?  This photo was taken in 1966 for the Overnight Transportation Company located at 2427 Moreland Ave.

Online photo sleuthing is one way archivists and other information seekers benefit from collaborative intelligence facilitated by Web 2.0 social software.   Additional information can be found in Joshua M. Avery’s The Democratization of Metadata:  Collective Tagging, Folksonomies and Web 2.0.

To participate in the Photo of the Week forum, please offer a critique of the photograph — its significance, historical value, and importance to you.

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4 Responses to Photo of the Week: Unidentified Intersection, Atlanta, 1966

  1. David Bradley says:

    I do believe it’s the intersection of Memorial Drive and Wyman Street, just north of today’s I-20.

  2. David Bradley says:

    Now, history geeks, who can tell us what happened here in 1864?

  3. Tricia Schofield says:

    This is definitely Memorial Dr. & Maynard Terrace/ Wyman St. My mother use to have a hair salon on the corner for many years. Although the business is no longer there I still know the area very well. It’s interesting how the area has changed since 1966 and now in 2010 landmarked by Checkers Fast Food and the Famous Ms. Anne’s Snack Bar!