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New Cityscape Highlights HOPE VI

Cityscape, Volume 12, Number 1 The research symposium in PD&R’s newest issue of Cityscape A Journal of Policy Development and Research: (Volume 12, Number 1) examines the effects of the HOPE VI (Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere) public housing revitalization program. The collected studies focus on the relationship between neighborhood change and individual outcomes in Duluth, Minnesota (Edward G. Goetz); factors that shape the development of social capital and the interpersonal experiences of those low-income HOPE VI residents in Boston who relocated to new communities (Alexandra M. Curley); the spillover effects of HOPE VI on neighborhood property values in Baltimore (Nina Castells); and the extent of spillover effects from HOPE VI on neighborhood property values, violent crime, and resident incomes in Boston and Washington, DC (Sean Zielenbach and Richard Vioth).

The new Cityscape issue also features refereed research by Justin B. Hollander, “Moving Toward a Shrinking Cities Metric: Analyzing Land Use Changes Associated With Depopulation in Flint, Michigan,” and other articles on “Combining Data on Residential Vacancy Rates and Mortgage Foreclosures” and “The Impact of Formula Allocation Discretion in the Housing Trust Fund.”