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Alice in Wonderland


Are you intrigued by Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland?  The GSU Library offers many resources on this classic work. You might start with the Annotated Alice which contains Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass plus original reviews and articles. The earlier Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland  is available in the dvd collection on the second floor of Library South. Do you want to know more about Lewis Carroll? The library has Jenny Woolf’s new biography, The Mystery of Lewis Carroll  and Alice in Wonderland  and Philosophy: curioser and curioser , a collection edited by Richard Brian Davis in the Blackwell philosophy and popculture series which looks at issues such as perception and reality and provides important information on key characters such as the Mad Hatter. If you would like to do further research, see the research guide, Children’s and Young Adult Literature for ways to find more library resources.