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Considering a Career in Political Science?


Are you planning an academic career related to the discipline of political science? If so, consider learning more about the history of the discipline, including the founding of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

Founded in 1903 by law professor and historian John Burgess and historian Westel  W. Willoughby (along with others) , the American Political Science Association is committed to core objectives that include “promoting high quality teaching and education about politics and government” and  “recognizing outstanding work in the discipline.”

On the APSA website, be sure to check out the “Quick Links for Students” which covers topics such as “Careers in Political Science”, “Graduate Student Connection” and “Funding Resources”.

The University Library also offers many resources related to the discipline of Political Science including:

The American Political Science Review:  This peer review publication is the primary journal of APSA. The library has a complete run of this important journal, beginning with the inaugural issue in 1906.  The November 2006 issue was the centennial issue.  The theme of the issue is ‘The Evolution of Political Science.’ The Library owns the journal in several formats, but for the centennial issue check out ProQuest’s Research Library.

Political Science: State of the discipline edited by Ira Katznelson and Helen V. Milner: The book discusses topics important to the discipline, such as political participation, but also discusses ongoing debates including the question: Is Political Science a discipline?

Discipline and history: political science in the United States edited by James Farr and Raymond Seidelman:  The essays speak to the “historical sweep” of Political Science in the United States while exploring themes relevant to the discipline including the diversity of theories; the roles that women and minorities have played, as well as ideological debates.