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Try the LibX search plugin

Wouldn’t it be handy if Amazon could tell you whether the library had the book you’re looking for? Or if Wikipedia citations included links to articles in the library’s online collection?

That’s just one of the tricks the free LibX library toolbar can do: it adds one-click GSU Library links to Amazon book pages, Wikipedia articles, New York Times book reviews, and more.

LibX is a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Its features include:

  • A search bar that searches the library’s catalog and databases
  • A right-click library search menu — just select some text like a book title, right-click and choose “Search GIL” to search the catalog
  • Automatic links to library resources added to sites like Amazon, Google and Wikipedia
  • An easy “reload via library” option to get access to paid subscription resources

It’s free — get it (and more information) from our LibX guide.