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Dr. Nadine Sinno reads from Canceled Memories

3482614980_ff1d867a8fDr. Nadine Sinno of the Georgia State University Middle East Institute will read on Monday, November 16 at 10:00 am from her translation of the Lebanese novel Canceled Memories. The reading will take place in Classroom 2 on the second floor of Library North. A description of the novel follows:

Set during the Lebanese civil war, this novel chronicles the splintering of the Al-Mukhtars, a Lebanese family whose love and trust for one another is strained by the increasing economic, social, and psychological tensions that surround them. Huda, feeling helpless as a housewife, pursues a career as a university professor and immerses herself in her work and students. Sharif, trapped in a static bureaucratic position, begins to resent his wife’s success and slowly withdraws from his family. When their marriage dissolves, the couple fight over the custody of their adolescent daughter. In a patriarchal society that favors the rights of the father, Huda is powerless as her daughter is taken from her. Through the author’s use of flashbacks, the reader witnesses the stark contrast between the young, idealistic couple and the older husband and wife, who have become increasingly isolated and disillusioned.

Narrated through the voices of several characters, Canceled Memories depicts a Lebanese family seeking to maintain love and trust for each other despite the destructive and corrupting effects of war. Nadine Sinno’s fluent translation introduces a wider audience to one of Lebanon’s finest contemporary writers.

The reading kicks off International Education Week at Georgia State University with events across campus from November 16 – November 20. The Georgia State University Library is participating in this event with an International Authors Exhibit, showcasing the works of Chinua Achebe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gao Xingjian and many others. The display will stay in the cases directly behind the computer support desk on Library North 1. Reproductions of international artwork from each author’s country of origin will accompany the display. These reproductions come from ARTSTOR a nonprofit digital library of more than one million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences.

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