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Reed Fellowship is now the Reed Fink Award in Southern Labor History

The Merl E. Reed Fellowship in Southern Labor History is now the Reed Fink Award in Southern Labor History.

Professors Merl E. Reed and Gary Fink were instrumental in the establishment, development, and use of the Southern Labor Archives at Georgia State University from the early 1970s. Today, the Southern Labor Archives has over 500 collections used by researchers from throughout the Southeast, the United States, and the world. Created in 2000, the Merl E. Reed Fellowship in Southern Labor History was named, at the urging of Dr. Fink, to honor Dr. Reed’s career and role in the founding of the Southern Labor Archives. After Dr. Fink passed away in 2008, Dr. Reed requested that the name of the Fellowship be changed to honor Dr. Fink as well.  The Reed Fink Award in Southern Labor History now honors both men and their many contributions to education, labor studies, and the Southern Labor Archives.

The Southern Labor Archives, part of Georgia State University Library’s Special Collection and Archives, was established in 1971, and is dedicated to collecting, preserving and making available the documentary heritage of Southern workers and their unions, as well as that of workers and unions having an historic relationship to the region.

One or more  Reed Fink Awards of $250-$500 will be awarded annually to individuals whose research in the Southern Labor Archives will lead to a book, article, dissertation, or other substantive product. In return, recipients agree to make a presentation about their research to the Georgia State University community within one academic year after receiving the award.

Faculty members, graduate students, upper-level undergraduates, and recognized independent scholars and artists are encouraged to apply. To be considered for the 2010 Reed Fink Award in Southern Labor History, application packets must be completed and submitted by November 30, 2009.

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