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Psychology Book-of-the-Month:Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices

Norcross, J. C. (2008). Clinician’s guide to evidence-based practices: Mental health and addictions. New York: Oxford University Press.

Call Number: RC455.2.E94 N67 2008

Publisher’s Description: All mental health and addiction practitioners want to provide their patients with the most effective treatment available. But with this brings the challenge of wading through an overwhelming amount of complex scientific research. Here, a trio of distinguished scientist-practitioners provide a concise, practical, user-friendly guide designed to assist mental health and addiction practitioners in accessing, interpreting, and applying evidence-based practices (EBP). The Clinician’s Guide is a manual that instructs on how to ask the right questions, how to access and appraise the best available research, how to translate that research into practice, how to integrate that research with clinician expertise and patient characteristics, how to evaluate the entire enterprise, how to attend to ethical considerations, and how to move the EBP movement forward by teaching it to others. No book covers EBPs in mental health research as concisely and accessibly as the Clinician’s Guide. Although EBPs rely heavily on scientific research, this book is written for busy practitioners and students. Pocket-sized and paperback with reader-friendly graphics, summaries, and a glossary of essential terms, this book is designed for convenience and ease of use. An accompanying CD features expanded content, interactive examples, and hyperlinked references. The Clinician’s Guide does not merely explain and discuss EBPs, but shows how to apply them to better serve patients. Containing numerous practical examples and three realistic and representative case vignettes, the Clinician’s Guide illustrates the real-life application of EBPs.