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Furniture, Walls and Demolition

There certainly is a lot going on with the construction!  Unlike Library North 1 and 2, it is largely visible so everyone can watch the progress. The section of Library North on the south side where the new links will go has been removed.  The bricks are gone, and now the demolition crew is working on removing the part of the slab inside the building where the links will connect to the building.  The new 2nd floor link will go all the way out to the edge of the demolition area, and the 3rd floor will also go out that far, with part of that width being the overlook onto the 2nd floor.  The 4th and 5th floors are about half that wide, and there will be a window added to the building in the demolished area, which will lighten up the 4th and 5th floors of North. 

On Library South 2 a lot of work is underway as well.  A construction wall has been added inside that extends out to the front doors of Library South.  Demolition of the exterior of Library South where the links will connect begins next week.  Additionally, the glass that previously separated the 4 elevators that operate in the library from the one that goes to the lower levels of the building has been removed, and doors have been added.  This will become the temporary entrance to Library South during the next phase, which begins after Library North 1 and 2 open.

Link construction is getting underway as well.  The 5th floor link is now closed, and the interior is being demolished.  Beginning around February 19, the links on the 3rd and 4th floor will also be closed.  From that point until late in the project, there will be no access between the buildings.  All patrons will need to enter each building separately, and move between the buildings outside.

Finally, the furniture is being installed on Library North 1 and 2, and our early February opening date is still looking good!

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