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The message below highlights upcoming changes to Factiva.  Of particular interest may be the new interface in development, the “Factiva Search 2.0 Beta.”  Information on how to access the beta interface is below.

Click on the images to see larger sample screen shots of the beta search and results screens.


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Here’s a preview of Factiva changes and enhancements scheduled for installation on or around March 25, 2006:

Factiva Search 2.0 Beta

The March product release offers enhancements to Factiva Search 2.0 Beta that many customers have requested.  Factiva Search 2.0 Beta represents the first integration offering of Factiva Discovery Technologies, providing a unique visualization of your search results. Visit our Factiva Search 2.0 Beta FAQ page at to learn more.  Good news!  The Factiva Search 2.0 Beta period will continue beyond March.

Search 2.0 Beta will become a tab within and will be available to all customers.  The Try Search 2.0 Beta link at the top of will be removed.

Print, e-mail or download multiple articles

Much-requested post-processing capabilities provide users with the ability to add up to 25 documents to a session-based clipboard.  Simply click on the icon next to a headline to add the document to the Clipboard. Once in the Clipboard, documents can be printed, e-mailed or saved. Once the session ends, the Clipboard is emptied.

More Search Options

Users can click on More Search Options to go to a screen that allows them to add targeted elements to their search. Search options include: all of these words, at least one of these words, none of these words, this exact phrase, this Source, date range (last day, last week, or last month). More Search Options is located on the initial Search screen.

Discontinued Icon Added to Source Lists

The description Discontinued is currently found next to sources that are no longer updated. Discontinued is being replaced by an icon to indicate its inactive status.

More often than not, Discontinued indicates that a source is discontinued due to a publisher’s decision to cease overall publication of the source.  This much-requested change gives users a better understanding of Factiva’s content collection.

Related Factiva Intelligent Indexing Terms Returned in Interface Languages

The display of Related FII Terms in search results was inadvertently changed to English language only in December. This change returns the display of the terms to correspond with the interface languages.

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