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New Employees in Special Collections

The Special Collections department is happy to welcome three new employees. Georgia State University’s new Labor Archivist, Lauren Kata, joined the curatorial staff in August 2003. As of October 2003, Morna Gerrard, former archival associate at Special Collections, has filled the faculty position of Processing Archivist/Women’s Archivist. Also, Mary McMahon Dawson became a member of the library staff as the new Archival Associate in December 2003. Previously, Ms. McMahon Dawson worked on the Johnny Mercer Music Project. Ms. Kata may be reached by telephone at 404-651-3898, or by e-mail at . Ms. Gerrard may be reached by telephone at 404-651-3909, or by e-mail at Ms. McMahon Dawson may be reached by telephone at 404-651-3810, or by e-mail at

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