E-journals from Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

GSU Campus Access Only

Access is now available from on campus to journals from Lawrence Erlbaum Associates to which Pullen Library has a print subscription. Titles include Applied Measurement in Education, Children’s Healthcare, Educational Psychologist and others. These journals are accessible via our Electronic Journals page or directly via: http://www.catchword.com/subscriptions.htm

A complete listing of journals available follows:

Applied Measurement in Education, 0895-7347
Children’s Health Care, 0273-9615
Cognition and Instruction, 0737-0008
Communication Law and Policy, 1081-1680
Discourse Processes, 0163-853X
Educational Psychologist, 0046-1520
Educational Studies (American Educational Studies Association), 0013-1946
Human-Computer Interaction, 0737-0024
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 1044-7318
Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, 0047-228X
Journal of Community Health Nursing, 0737-0016
Journal of Consumer Psychology, 1057-7408
Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 0890-0523
Journal of Media Economics, 0899-7764
Journal of Organizational Computing & Electronic Commerce, 1054-1721
Journal of Personality Assessment, 0022-3891
Journal of Public Relations Research, 1062-726X
Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, 0938-8982
Mass Communication & Society, 1520-5436
Multivariate Behavioral Research, 0027-3171
Nutrition and Cancer, 0163-5581
Peabody Journal of Education, 0161-956X
Research on Language and Social Interaction, 0835-1813
Scientific Studies of Reading, 1088-8438
Structural Equation Modeling, 1070-5511

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