The MARCIVE WEB DOCS database is now available via the web on the Georgia State University campus.

MarciveWeb DOCS is the World Wide Web version of MARCIVE’s well-known GPO record database. MarciveWeb DOCS includes GPO records from 1976 to the present as well as MARCIVE’s shipping list records for access to titles not yet cataloged.

An exciting feature of MarciveWeb DOCS is the ability to take advantage of URLs in the MARC records. These links to sites from within the MARC records take you directly to the documents described at the click of a button. Simply point to the highlighted address and click to see the document described.

You can also check to see whether your library or others you are interested in might have the titles you are looking at, just as in the Plus version of GPO CAT/PAC.

Please note that this database replaces the Government Documents Catalog Service that we previously received from Autographics.

Access is available via our Research Databases page or directly. Please click”>here.

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