The EIU ViewsWire

The EIU ViewsWire is now available to users on the Georgia State University campus.

The EIU ViewsWire is a web-based intelligence service from the Economist Intelligence Unit. It delivers timely analysis on key economic, political and business developments around the world. Each day, the EIU ViewsWire supplies 100–150 analytical articles on any of 195 countries.

The aim is to give the content the analytical depth you need to make informed decisions about doing business around the world. The EIU ViewsWire also includes carefully selected analysis from other respected sources to ensure you get a full perspective on international business conditions.

ViewsWire is divided into three main sections:

  • Briefings: views-on-the-news, the EIU’s perspective on recent events and their impact on economic, political and business conditions; plus intelligence and information on the operating conditions in any of 195 countries, drawn from the full range of EIU and other Economist Group publications, as well selected material from carefully-chosen outside sources
  • Forecasts: from tables of macroeconomic forecasts to summaries of our expectations and consensus survey results, a systematic look at likely future trends in the countries covered
  • Background: factual material, including economic data and a systematic look at regulations in each country, that helps put current events and expected trends into context.

This database is linked to our website under Research Databases and is available directly at

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