2018 Student Survey: Library Spaces

At the end of February 2018, the University Library administered a survey to a random sample of 5,000 Georgia State students currently enrolled at all campuses. This post is one in a series that highlights a survey trend and the library’s response. We welcome your feedback anytime.

A major theme in the survey results was space: Students want more space generally, more quiet spaces, and more spaces for individual and group study. Each campus library was constructed with a particular student population in mind, and with continued population growth on each campus, the libraries feel crowded. In January 2018, we rolled out a master plan for the Atlanta Campus Library, Library Reimagined. In the near term, the Atlanta campus library will realize additional space, in addition to a new entrance from the “greenway,” by converting the parking area under Library North into a new flexible learning space. Longer-term plans include more group study rooms, more natural light, a graduate student center, and better access to the expertise of librarians. We recognize the need for more library space at Alpharetta and are examining ways to accomplish this. We are looking for ways to rethink underused space in the Clarkston library and are partnering with Technology Services to offer a makerspace in the Dunwoody library. As we compile ideas and prepare our next steps, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions related to the library master plan.

Check out the complete survey summary report for more details.

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