2018 Student Survey: Library Furniture

At the end of February 2018, the University Library administered a survey to a random sample of 5,000 currently enrolled Georgia State students. This post is one in a series that highlights a survey trend and the library’s response. We welcome your feedback anytime.

A number of survey respondents noted that library furniture has seen better days, and we couldn’t agree more. Perimeter College libraries are getting 300 new chairs to be distributed throughout the five libraries, so look for those by the start of the fall semester. Some of the Atlanta library furniture is original to the 2007 library renovation, so over a decade old at this point. Combine that statistic with the fact that the Atlanta library gets about 11,000 visits from 7,000 people on its busiest days of the week, and you get a high-use facility with some worn-out furniture.

The Atlanta library is in the process of allocating Library Fee funds to replace and reupholster seating in heavily-used, well-worn areas, concentrating mainly on the upper floors. We have purchased over 100 task chairs to replace the seating in group study rooms and at the computer workstations on Library North 3 and Library North 4. All lounge chairs on the 4th and 5th floor links–28 total–will be reupholstered, and an additional 100 chairs at the group tables will get new seat cushions. We hope you’ll enjoy these additional furniture upgrades which should be in place by the start of fall 2018 semester. Just before spring semester final exams, we were able to upgrade the seating at the group tables on Library North 3, which, based on our observations, was well received by students.

Check out the complete survey summary report for more details.

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