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5 Days to Have Your Say: You want enforcement of or changes to library policies.

During the period February 6-10, the library solicited feedback from users at each campus library and online. You responded with about 900 distinct comments; clearly you have a lot to tell us, and we appreciate the information! Over the next several weeks, we’ll respond to your major concerns.

Based on your feedback, you want the library to enforce certain policies at the Atlanta Campus Library, like the food and drink policy and the expectation of quiet on the 5th floor. The library’s food and drink policy states that food is not permitted at computer stations, and that all drinks must be covered. There are additional restrictions, such as no food and drink in CURVE and in certain group study rooms. While we make our best effort to enforce these rules, it can be difficult with more than 400 computer stations and 60 group study rooms spread out over five floors in Library North and eight in Library South. You can help us by reminding those around you of the policies and letting an employee know of policy violations. The same holds true for maintaining a quiet atmosphere. It is difficult to monitor and enforce noise in a facility this size. Please help us by reminding those around you to maintain a respectful volume, turn down headphones, and keep group conversations to a minimum. You can also let an employee know about excessive noise.

Please keep checking back for additional responses to your 5 Days to Have Your Say feedback and further information about the Library Master Plan. You can offer your feedback anytime here. We also invite you to stop by the first floor of Library North on March 7, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., to participate in our Library Master Plan process.