5 Days to Have Your Say: You want longer hours.

During the period February 6-10, the library solicited feedback from users at each campus library and online. You responded with about 900 distinct comments; clearly you have a lot to tell us, and we appreciate the information! Over the next several weeks, we’ll respond to your major concerns.

Based on your feedback, you want longer hours. A top suggestion to the Atlanta Campus Library was 24-hour access to the library. We want you to know that the Atlanta Campus Library is open 107 hours per week. Yes, 107 hours per week! One major issue related to 24-hour access at the Atlanta Campus Library is safety and security. We have no way of restricting 24-hour access to a portion of either Library North or Library South, and keeping both buildings open all day, every day, is not feasible from a safety standpoint. The University Library is currently developing a Library Master Plan. This long-range planning document will be finished by fall 2017. The steering committee has included a 24-hour space for Atlanta Campus Library in the list of desired elements.

A second consideration is the opportunity cost of investing in a 24-hour space. We have to consider both one-time expenses for reconfiguring spaces and on-going costs associated with staffing the additional hours. These costs need to be weighed against the other things we could accomplish with the same funds, particularly in light of expected demand. While a number of you mentioned 24-hour space as a desired service, looking at our late evening head counts makes it difficult to justify additional hours. Our view, at this time, is that the resources required to reconfigure and operate the space would be best spent creating additional study space and upgrading furnishings. Perhaps the Library Master Plan will provide a roadmap to accomplish these goals AND offer some 24-hour study space.

Please keep checking back for additional responses to your 5 Days to Have Your Say feedback and further information about the Library Master Plan. You can offer your feedback anytime here. We also invite you to stop by the first floor of Library North on March 7, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., to participate in our Library Master Plan process.

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